What Makes a Healthy Relationship with Dylan James Levitt

Ever wish you were taught how to make a relationship work? The key is not “making a relationship work,” it is making sure you know what makes a relationship work for you.

We’ve seen this theme before. Dylan James Levitt and I continue our conversation about how to comunicate with your partner, and also what’s our work to do and what isn’t. 

You’ll know what to communicate from the get-go to set yourself and your relationship up in a healthy way.

(If you haven’t heard part 1, listen to this first: www.boundlessheartpod.com/15

[0:00] What works (and doesn’t) when communicating

[1:23] An interesting way to say “Liar” – an Inner Circle conversation

[5:22] Inner Circle Link www.boundlessheartpod.com/innercircle 

[6:14] Fear not the witches. Fear those who burned women alive.

[7:58] Why we stay when the relationship isn’t healthy

[9:04] 3 things we need to communicate to determine true compatibility (Needs, Desires, Boundaries]

[16:42] Christi’s Question: man is making choices based on anxiety. What do I do?

[18:19] What a healthy relationship takes

[19:29] Simplest communications shift with the biggest impact

[21:31] How to work with Dylan

[23:06] One personal question for Dylan

[23:50] What a lasting partnership needs

About my guest:

Dylan James Levitt is an author, relationship coach, and workshop facilitator who is passionate about bridging the gap between the sexes to make love work in the modern world. He give singles and couples tools to enhance their communication, build deeper connection, and create mutually satisfying relationships. Dylan is also passionate about transforming education and one day plans to found his own university combining formal education and self-education into one integrated curriculum.

Connect with Dylan James on Instagram: https://instagram.com/coachdylanjames

Join the Boundless Heart Inner Circle: https://boundlessheartpod.com/innercircle 

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