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What Does Trusting Yourself REALLY Look Like?

If you’re a woman in a Patriarchal society, you were taught of trusting yourself. We all were. This is my journey to prove that we can.

At the end of January, 2022, I left some things on Oahu and started my homeless journey across the country. I never thought I’d end up in Utah for two months! I only knew (and know) one thing: I know when I know and I go where I go. My Soul leads me, and I am always Home.

How did I get to Utah? In the words of a fellow hiker I passed, I am “Free and Crazy.” (She warned me about a rattle snake, I told her what I’m up to and that I had recently learned I’m not afraid of rattle snakes…)rattle snake coiled in a rock crevice
Am I free and crazy? Yes and no. I have learned, thanks in great part to my practice of Kundalini Yoga, to trust myself. DEEPLY. 

In this way, I am free. 

It means that when I hear my inner knowing say, “Call your friends in California and see if you can stay for a couple months,” I do it, and when they say, “Yes,” I go.
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It means that when I have a car on an island and I don’t know what to do with it, I trust the knowing inside that I don’t have to worry. Then what happens? I engage in self-care, getting a massage from an old co-worker from the spa. He is carless. Do I really need to tell you what happened? He baby-sat, and even NAMED, my car! (Gigi)trusting yourself looks like letting a friend use your car sometimes

It means that when I don’t feel like getting my hair cut on Oahu before I leave, I trust that feeling, and I end up getting one for free in exchange for teaching a private Kundalini class. I also got lunch. Additionally, I get a gig teaching in Mount Shasta. Of all the magical places in the world… this is one of the top.
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It means that when my hosts in California don’t have remotely decent internet and I need it to facilitate trainings on Zoom, they ask a friend. She says, “Sure, LC can use my house without me there for two weekends.” It also means when I hear said friend say she’s moving to Ogden, Utah, but then leaving for two months, I follow that inner nudge to text her, “You don’t happen to need a cat-sitter when you go to Missoula in May and June, do you?” 
Long-haired black cat

Did you notice something? (Other than, “Holy heck that’s some kind of magical manifesting”)…

I wrote this in present tense.

Because that’s where Home is. That’s where access to Intuition is. I’ve been trained out of trusting myself, just like every woman raised in the Patriarchy has been. But I relearned, and so can you. 

Now, it’s telling me this: LC, it’s time you stop hiding and start teaching this. Coach other women who long to follow that deep knowing inside. Lead a training on “Mastering Manifesting.” SHARE what you’re doing. Yes!! It totally will be hard! You’re totally going to be uncomfortable. You’ll totally want to give up a thousand times. But don’t. Because your ultimate vision has always been this:

A world where every human follows the light within.

So keep following yours. Keep being “Crazy” to those wrapped up in the patriarchal ways of doing things. You’ll know when you know, you’ll go when you go, and you’ll do what you do.

Are you ready to follow yours too? I imagine a world where every woman takes back her agency and answers to her inner voice. The truth is, what’s best for you is best for those around you. When you stand up for yourself and start making confidence choices, your life will be empowered. And the world will be more empowered, too.

Never be shy about reaching out. Let’s chat. Book a Discovery Call because your future is waiting.

In Love & Liberation,

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Coching with LC – Integrity, Sincerity, Agency, Unity, Capability

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