This Method is Healing Trauma Fast with Corena Hammer

Everybody has experienced trauma. And traditional ways of treating trauma re-traumatize! 

What is trauma? It is anything that overwhelms the nervous system to the degree that it doesn’t have the capacity to integrate or deal with it in the moment. 

This episode reveals what you need to know about trauma to overcome unhealthy patterns in your life without re-traumatizing yourself.

[2:17] Defining trauma
[3:18] Why traditional treatment methods fall short
[8:02] The 7 chakras and their sacred rights
[15:15] The Chakra-Trauma connection
[20:11] Doing it alone is dangerous
[26:18] Retraumatizing
[29:00] What heals
{Off the Mic Segment} Join the Inner Circle now. – this week: special member-only meditation for the Chakras
[34:26] LC’s Ayahuasca story
[38:08] Tamsie’s question: How has trauma treament shifted and why?
[38:52] Tamsie’s question: What ties trauma into the chakra system and how was this connection discovered or revealed to you?
[41:52] Jamie’s question: Would this help treat trauma in children?
[44:31] Stephanie’s question: Is it appropriate to use Sanskrit or the word “Chakra” when treating trama?
[46:34] What terms can be triggering
[49:37] When would it be appropriate to invite clients to do this kind of work? (LC’s answer)

About my guest
With 20 years of experience as leader in the yoga teaching community, Corena has developed the Nervous System Recalibration, or NSR™, Process. This meditation process is rooted in the science of Polyvagal Theory and the Chakra system for healing and releasing trauma. The melding of these two schools of thought has allowed her to create a  process that can recalibrate your nervous system after trauma, loss, betrayal and stress. She has worked with a diversity of clients implementing this technique, including teaching it to licensed and certified therapists. 

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