The Secret to Drama Free Relationships: Own Your ”No” with Jared Niemela

Want to know the secret to healthy relationships free of drama? Jared Niemela has it and we’re sharing it with you!

In this episode of The Boundless Heart Podcast, he shares exercises for tuning in to your 4 wisdom centers: Mind, Heart, Gut, and Sex, to discern whether your response to any request is a yes, no, or kinda maybe.

He also shares what to do in those “kinda maybe” situations.

2:00 – Why is it so hard to know if it’s a “yes” or a “no”?

3:52 – How do you know what center of wisdom to follow?

6:36 – Exercise for feeling your Full Body No

9:15 – LC’s “No” example & result of not listening, & Jared’s “No” example & result of listening

12:39 – Your “No” is where your strength is

14:49 – The other side of “No” – do you resist/challenge it?

17:44 – A Note on Integrity and the Elimination of Drama

19:10 – Exercise for feeling your Whole Body Yes

21:31 – LC’s “Yes” – Maui 23:14 – Jared’s “Yes” & conflicts between wisdom centers

24:53 – Clarifying the “sex” center: it’s not about sex

27:34 – Mention: Episode 11 with Coco Berlin “Pussy Yoga”

28:36 – What to do if you feel “Kinda, Maybe…” and Episode 6 with Tena Roethle, “Set, Communicate, and Keep Boundaries”

33:22 – Repeating lessons to learn them

34:39 – Creating Equal Partnerships

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This week all Premium Members get separate tracks of the Whole Body Yes & Whole Body No exercises given by Jared in the episode for ease of use!

About My Guest:

Jared is an avid explorer of the world. He is committed to experiencing all that the universe has to offer and sharing his lessons with those who are curious. Jared is passionate about deliberate communication, embracing “failure,” and cultivating pleasure in all aspects of life.

Jared is a father to three daughters, an online teacher, and a facilitator of in-person workshops that focus on sensuality, sexuality, spirituality, and connecting to our inner divine.

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