The Life Changing Magic of Speaking Your Truth with Karen Ortiz

When a woman stands up for herself, the Universe always responds. Always.
Karen Ortiz is a prime example of how quickly and easily manifestation occurs when you start acting in your own best interests and prioritizing yourself. 
If you have ever felt fearful about making a change, whether leaving a relationship, quitting a job, stepping out in a bigger way… this episode is a must-hear.
It will give you the confidence to stand up and speak up for yourself, own your worth, and engage in a little something I like to call Swear Therapy. (TM pending). LOL. 
[1:52] Divorce Awakening
[4:21] Unblocking Worth
[8:11] Marriage: Fairytale to Unhappily Ever – until After
[9:59] People Pleaser Dilemma
[11:39] The world changing magic of speaking up
[17:37] The gift of Accountability
[19:30] Being Brave as a people pleaser
[20:32] Karen’t Warning & Self Care Tips
[22:50] The number 1 Key to Self Care
[25:48] What happens when we Own Our Worth
[29:31] Sponsor Discount Corena Hammer: – use code LC15 for 15% off, support the podcast, and receive deep healing. Corena’s Episode is #4
[31:04] The Truth about speaking your Truth
[31:17] “Off the Mic”
[31:51] LC is nerding out to this: (Jackson Crawfords “Cussing in Old Norse” video)
[33:34] Becoming a People Pleaser
[38:11] Swear Therapy!
[39:52] Next week
Whatever you do, stay true to you!
About my guest, Karen Ortiz:
What I learned along the way in life to help me heal became my art in helping others to come back into their body to find their Joy again! Bodyworks, AIS Active Isolated Stretching, NRT Neural Reset Therapy, Pilates Practitioner, Gyrotonic Instructor, Biofield Tuning Practitioner, Ambient Sound Practitioner and Biofield Flow (Vagus Nerve). Learning Tarot, Astrology, Runes and having fun!
Find her in my Facebook Group:
Better yet, in The Boundless Heart Inner Circle! 
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Next week: My interview with MY therapist!! She gives amazing boundaries and communication advice. 

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