The Four Attachment Styles with Juniper Wong

You’re going to know more about you after hearing this episode than you ever have before. 

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Attachment Theory explains everything about relationships. If you want a healthy relationshiop, you need to know your attachment style and so does your partner. Your attachment style developed in childhood through your relationships with your primary caregivers and our whole lives are running on the styles we adopted.

After this you’ll know so much about who you are that you’ll be mind blown. Juniper will come back again so we can dig into how to actually work with our attachment style and recover from whatever kind of childhood we had. Secure attachment is possible!

[0:00] Anxious Attachment

[2:26] Why care about attachment style?

[5:35] What is attatchment theory?

[7:15] The 4 attachment styles

[7:42] Secure attachers

[9:30] Avoidant Dismissive Attachers

[16:26] Tangent for HSP’S (Highly Sensitive People)

[17:49] Avoidant Dismissive Adults

[23:35] Anxious Preoccupied Attachers;

[29:48] LC’s relationship woes

[31:21] Anxious Preoccupied heightened awareness

[32:24] Fearful Avoidant / Disorganized Attachers

[37:42] Disorganized Attachers as Adults

Ahhhh we ran out of time! So Juniper will be BACK. I’m being a little anxious preoccupied about it, but she said yes, she will definitely come back to talk about how we can start to heal from this stuff and get secure!

About My Guest 

Juniper Wong is a licensed clinical social worker and former high school English teacher who brings an eclectic approach of personal lived experience, creative arts, evidence based mental health practices, practical actionable skills, and humor to her therapy & coaching practices.

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