Speak Truth & Gain Freedom Now: My Journey of Adventure & Freedom

What if you started to prioritize your top value over everything else and got really truthful about what it is?

That’s what I did, and I’d love to guide you to yours and show you that you can trust yourself again.

My top value is Adventure. It’s also Freedom. I set myself free and I’m telling you how by reading from my journal and sharing my story after leaving an emotionally manipulative / abusive husband, and trusting myself again.

[0:00] Leaving my husband, returning to myself

[5:42] Leaving Home (Oahu) to follow my Soul

[8:07] My Journal 1/30/2022: You cannot lie to yourself

[11:35] Pele – Volcano Goddess

[13:35] “Pele” – song by Laura Christine

[17:38] Let’s stay connected: Join Club LC and be my VIP or contact me at https://LauraChristine.us. (Shoot me a text if you have my number). . . let me know where you are on your journey. 

In Love & Liberation,

Be Free with Me 

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