Smashing the Patriarchy with Barton Guy Bryan

Maybe it is time for some Incredible Hulk action on the patriarchy. I wanted to get a white cis male’s perspective on the imbalance (because we haven’t heard enough from white men, right?) [eyes roll] – but really, what if we make them have a conversation about how privileged they are? I wonder if anyone will learn something from this. I hope so. I hope it serves to smash the patriarchy. I hope it serves to de-train you from the patriarchal programs that say if you’re a woman and you state your opinion you’re automatically a bitch. I hope it lightens your heart to hear that normal people like Barton and I are pretty certain the Patriarchy isn’t so great, and there are better ways.

More than anything, I hope it ignites a soul-fire in you to stand up for yourself, speak your truth, and live for what your heart beats for.

[1:48] #smashthepatriarchy

[6:21] What women want – we reference Eliza VanCort, her episode is #17: 

[7:20] Why women talk so fast – we have to prevent interruptions AND say twice as much in the same amount of time as men

[9:28] Men, Don’t Care/Assertive; Women, Bitches – this is a perception that needs to change

[13:10] Barton’s perspective on “powerful women” – he opens up about his wife’s path to her power

[15:09] How to “live the dream” – do what you feel in your heart you’re here to do

[16:16] How do we equalize value for the work (paid and unpaid) we all do?

[21:16] Barton’s experience in a Muslim state, LC’s response to the girls getting pulled out of school to do manual labor

[26:59] Our “lenses” color our perception

[28:32] Where do we go from here?

[29:59] The Mindset Forge podcast (Barton’s podcast) 

[32:22] We rise together

[33:27] Men: stop being so fragile!

About my guest:

Barton Guy Bryan lives in Austin, Texas with his wife Val and young son Jack. He is a director with an outdoor group fitness company called Camp Gladiator and the host of a self-improvement podcast called “The Mindset Forge,” interviewing a variety of athletes and performing artists regarding their mindset and preparation with showing up in the big moments of life. He and his wife own Team Bryan Wellness LLC helping people improve their lives with fitness, mindset, and CPR training. After getting a degree in Vocal performance, Barton went to West Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer, which became a pivotal point for his life and helped shift his priorities to serving communities, leadership, and helping others. He loves to play piano, work out, and travel with his family. Follow Barton: @bartonguybryan & check out his podcast: 

Connect with LC: 


Coaching: I guide unfulfilled women into their power, passion and pleasure. Relationships transform. Schedule a 15 minute discovery call to see if we’re a good fit. I’m ready to see you soar, sister! 


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