Set, Communicate, & Keep Boundaries with My Therapist, Tena Roethle

Tools for pushback!! If you:

  • have trouble setting boundaries
  • say “Yes” to everything even when you want to say “No”
  • wish you could say “No,” but people push back whenever you try to and make you feel guilty
  • want to avoid or get out of toxic relationships

Listen. Tena Roethle is a clinical therapist who specializes in this kind of situation. She’s a trauma-informed therapist and helps people who either have experienced or are experiencing abusive relationships. She knows the power of boundaries, and she’ll help you set healthy boundaries for all relationships in your life.

[0:00] You will have tools to set and keep boundaries after listening to this

[1:48] Important prerequisite for setting boundaries

[3:37] The “Trap” Red Flag explained

[6:02] What you want  is NOT wrong

[7:16] Why do people settle?

[9:41] Red flags IN relationships: Upholding Personal Rights

[12:00] How to be guiltless when setting boundaries

[16:40] Learning to say “No” for highly sensitive people and empaths 

[22:05] You are NOT alone, & how to support friends

[24:00] When validation becomes toxic

[27:29] How to communicate boundaries and needs

[34:43] Clee’s Question: How to avoid engaging with toxicity when it’s hard not to

[37:25] What to do when someone keeps pushing back

[38:57] Tena’s Top Advice for Respecting Yourself

[40:07] Coming Next Week!

About My Guest

Tena Roethle is a clinical therapist who also has a passion for healing through hypnosis and spiritual work.  She has special skills to work with people with all types of trauma and to help people who have experienced or are experiencing abusive relationships.  Tena believes that in order to empower your true self, it is best to know yourself, your values, and have the belief and skills to establish the necessary boundaries for yourself.  Her specialized training along with personal experiences in relationships and in spiritual growth fuel her passion for helping people heal and grow.

Contact Tena to inquire for appointments:

Ph: (507) 222-9230

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