Secrets from Successful Singlehood with Michal Lehman

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“Single” is not synonymous with “Lonely.” Michal Lehman is deleting the stigma of singleness by writing about the empowerment and life-affirming happiness one can attain in singlehood.

Whether or not you are in a relationship now (and whether or not you want to be in the relationship you’re in), wether or not you’re single, want to be single, or don’t want to be single, this episode shines a light on how important it is for us to know who we are and what we want.

Do you hear any similarities from Tena Roethle’s episode, #6? 

[0:00] What is your ideal relationship?

[1:58] Stigma of singlness source

[4:29] What we can do for our children

[6:08] This goes beyond the patriarchy

[7:09] Michal’s transition

[11:02] How to know and embrace singlehood – and yourself

[15:07] Advice for leaving a relationship

[17:44] You are not alone – Inner Circle:  

[19:20] Alleviating Loneliness

[26:03] Connect with Michal

[26:35] Is Michal Single for life?

[29:05] Open discussion on Marriage, Weddings, and Pressure

[39:11] Wrap-up

[40:46] Next week – Zach Jensen + LC talk about people pleaser recovery

About My Guest

My name is Michal, I’m 30 years old, I was born and raised in Israel, and also have a UK citizenship. I studied creative writing with a agree in literature and psychology. I’m a blogger, writing about single life lessons to help you embrace your singleness. Throughout my platforms I offer Tips & advice for having a happy single life and how to feel comfortable in your own skin and company.

Single, Thirty & Thriving Blog.
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