Ready for a More Conscious Relationship? Find out with Dr. Tari Mack

Girls are conditioned to be good. Women are conditioned to please. Dr. Tari Mack sheds light on how this conditioning can draw us into unhealthy relationships, and what we can do to attract an equal partner rather than someone who will take advantage of us.

You’ll know how to stay away from unhealthy partners and those with insecure attachments, and you’ll better understand why you’ve been in these kinds of relationships in the past or present.

Every Relationship Is a Test. Our conditioning is not our fault. But our transformation is our responsibility. The one you’re with won’t change, but by changing yourself you’ll change who you’re willing to be with. That is freedom!

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In this episode:

[1:38] Every relationship is a test
[3:49] We’re wired for love, but . . .
[6:44] 1. The Critical Woman Archetype
[8:34] 2. The Judgmental Woman Archetype
[11:26] 3. The Inauthentic/Fake Woman Archetype
[13:02] 4. The B*tchy Woman Archetype
[14:50] 5. The Tough/Independent Woman Archetype
[17:54] 6. The “I’m A Mess” Woman Archetype
[19:13] 7. The “Only the Facts” Woman Archetype
[21:15] 8. The Economically Dependent Woman Archetype
[22:54] Bonus 9th Archetype: The Over-Functioner
[25:55] How do we pass relationship tests?

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[33:52] Nicole’s question: How not to project old patterns on partners
[36:32] Cynthia’s question: How is your relationship going? (Dr. Tari shares how she got where she is now)
[38:57] Dr. Tari Analyzes LC: What is my test and issue, and now what?

About My Guest
Dr. Tari Mack’s life has been a journey from desperate and alone to connection and love. Dr. Tari is a clinical psychologist, celebrity relationship and dating coach host of the podcast Dear Dater and the bestselling author of 2 books. Dr. Tari most recently appeared on Access Hollywood giving dating advice to JLO. She specializes in helping people change their disappointing relationship patterns and finally access and create the love they deserve. to download your free Healthy Partner and Dealbreaker PDF

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