Overcoming People Pleasing with Zach Jensen

Do you give more than you take in your friendships and other relationships?

Do you ever wonder if your friends only like you because you always go along with what they want to do?

Has anyone ever called you a “people pleaser?” And, like me, have you also denied it? 🙋‍♀️ I have.

This is your episode, and this is your podcast. 

Zach & I talk about people pleasing, how we got to be such people pleasers ourselves, the differences and similarities between men and women “pleasers,” and – here’s the good part: the freedom of overcoming people pleasing!

[0:00] Do you do these people pleasing behaviors?

[1:39] What is it, how do we become pleasers, and is it different for women and men?

[6:31] Cynthia’s question & “the dirty” and superpower of people pleasing

[9:44] Societal problems and emerging solutions

[17:30] The value of community 

[20:40] Overcome people pleasing {Ready for the Inner Circle? https://tbh.supercast.tech}

[21:11] The keys to recovery (Nicole’s question)

[26:50] Carlie’s question & the best part of recovery

[29:23] Why change is so hard

[31:00] Awkward but okay conversation between two recovering people pleasers on relationships and why we’re not talking about s/x.


Book Mention: Codependent No More

My therapist has her own episode (#6) https://boundlessheartpod.com/6 

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