How to Get through to Men with Dylan James Levitt, Relationship Coach

What are you telling men about us? Dylan James Levitt, relationship coach, opens up about the men he has worked with as well as himself. He shares why it’s so hard to talk to men about certain things and how we can get through to them. 

Have you ever wished your man would open up about his feelings, or be more open to hearing about how you think your sex life could improve? What if your man thinks he’s doing the inner work, but you’re not seeing it? This one’s for you.

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[0:00] Wrong relationship or bad communication?

[1:44] What Dylan telling the men about us? (Masculine/Feminine rather than Men/Women)

[5:33] What “High Quality Woman” really means to men

[8:46] Men & Women & Sex

[13:59] Do men want people pleasers?

[15:08] What is true nurturing?

[16:38] Best prevention of resentment: communication

[19:24] Miste’s question: “What is the most common thing you see in men?”

[21:55} Libby’s question: “Should women talk to men about their sexual desires? How?”

[25:02] Katy’s question: “How do you handle it when your man isn’t doing the inner work but says he is?”

[29:20] Personal responsibility & LC’s realizations

[30:59] Ego Traps & Flags

[35:42] Behind the scenes peek

[36:51] Inner Circle Sisterhood & Next week.

About My Guest

Dylan is an author, relationship coach, and workshop facilitator who is passionate about bridging the gap between the sexes to make love work in the modern world. He give singles and couples tools to enhance their communication, build deeper connection, and create mutually satisfying relationships. Dylan is also passionate about transforming education and one day plans to found his own university combining formal education and self-education into one integrated curriculum.

Connect with Dylan James on Instagram: 

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