How Do I Know If I Stay or Go? with Elisabeth Parsons

Ever have trouble deciding whether or not, or how, to end a relationship? How do you even make that choice? Too often, we tend to neglect what’s best for us to keep a relationship going.

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What to ask yourself if you’re feeling unfulfilled in your relationship
  • How to ensure you attract a healthy relationship, or make yours healthier
  • How to “train” your partner
  • That you are anything but alone, no matter what you’re going through

[1:47] Elisabeth’s advice for women conteplating divorce/separation

[3:37] The positive effect of being truthful

[6:39] The importance of community

[11:46] How to make the “stay or go” decision easier

[20:02] Personal stories of your host, LC, and guest, Elisabeth

[22:57] A woman’s real purpose is taking PLEASURE

[23:26] True giving comes from pleasure – otherwise the result is resentment

[27:02] How to “train” your partner instead of becoming “mother”

[32:14] When you’re shut down…

[34:33] The most important question to ask yourself when contemplating separation or divorce

About my Guest, Elisabeth Parsons:

Elisabeth Parsons is the owner and founder of The Separation Club. She compassionately guides women on a journey of healing, self-discovery and transformation. Using her own divorce journey as a blueprint she has created resources that provide her clients with the tools they need. 
Elisabeth is a mother, second wife, step-mom, self-care coach, writer and unshakeable optimist dedicated to guiding women towards their true potential empowering them to create the life they deserve.

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