Healing Our Wounded Wild Instincts with Robin Clark

“Each woman’s instinct will tell her what her next best step is.” – Robin Clark

Have you spent most of your life asking, “How can I make this work for me?” This is exactly what we’re taught we are – what women are – moldable to whomever is around us. 

When Robin was 22 years old she had a 70 year old tell her, “I was someone’s daughter, I was someone’s girlfriend, I was someone’s wife, I was someone’s mother, and then the kids left and my husband died, and I don’t know who I am.” This was in a psych ward after the woman had attempted suicide.

We get it, it’s hard to not know who you are. It’s hard to have lost yourself. Your instincts may be injured, but they are not gone. It’s time to wake them, tend to them, heal them, and follow them.

[0:00] The Pizza Study

[2:03] Taking Empathy Back

[6:08] Healing Injured Instincts

[10:38] Support in Crossing the Bridge to Freedom

[13:29] What are the Wake Up Calls?

[17:57] Finding Support {Join the Inner Circle: https://boundlessheartpod.com/innercircle}

[19:47] The Real Relationship Fail AND Clarity

[21:12] Robin’s Coaching https://robin-clark.com

[25:15] LC’s & Robin’s Wake Ups + Beyond Spirituality

[31:58] The Pizza Study

[33:20] Reclaiming One’s Voice

[39:04] How Relationships are Affected

[40:57] You CAN Do This

[41:39] Connect + Up Next (Coco Berlin, author of Pussy Yoga) + Inner Circle

About My Guest

Robin Clark is a coach & photographer for women. She’s a feminist, an advocate for women to get free from the codependent, good-girl conditioning that has us looking for security in others, and a guide supporting women to cultivate a solid sense of ground within. She’s a lifetime student of the patriarchy’s impacts on women and is committed to passing on everything she’s learned to help women rise, feel empowered, and get more free. 

Connect with Robin

Website: https://robin-clark.com

Instagram: https://instagram.com/loverobinclark

Connect with LC

Join the Inner Circle: https://boundlessheartpod.com/innercircle

Find LC on Instagram: https://instagram.com/boundlessheartpod

CODA (Codependents Anonymous): https://coda.org 
Brene Brown: https://brenebrown.com 
Terrence Real: https://terryreal.com 
bell hooks: https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poets/bell-hooks 
Robin’s favorites from bell hooks: Communion & The Will to Change

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