Growing through Divorce: LC’s Journey – with Juniper Wong

Life is a string of lessons, and divorce can be a really big one. Even since the last time I interviewed Juniper (Episode 14 – I have changed so much.

From codependency, idealizing romance, anxious attachment, and neediness, to experiencing life as it happens and totally new approaches to relationships. This episode reveals my major people-pleasing problem when I got married and how much I’ve grown through the lessons I’ve learned with this most recent divorce. 

If you’re a Premium Pleasure Coaching member, you even get to hear the juicy details of my current dating situation. Speaking of… This podcast is supported by members of The Boundless Heart VIP Community and the Premium Membership with Pleasure Coaching. Thank you all sooo much! Join us here: 

[1:43] The major shift after divorce

[2:54] What was the issue? My own codependency revealed

[6:51] Where did the choice to commit come from? Idealizing potential and deep people-pleasing programming

[9:58] LC totally going against her truth – proposal & marriage

[13:18] All goes back to Fear – of making someone unhappy – and self-blame

[15:22] The final straw 

[18:00] Transformation support sisterhood:

Learn more about Juniper at and join her 10 week program to move into a security for present and future relationships.

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