Getting Through the Dark Night: How to Come Home to Yourself

The answer to getting through “the dark night” is this: you give yourself the dark night. That’s where the light is.

When I was asked how I got through my divorce, felt better, bounced back, got my home, followed by her stating that she sees the tunnel but not the light… yet… I responded:

No, it’s very dark for awhile. You’re right where you’re meant to be.

Getting through the dark night means you give yourself the opportunity to be in the dark. That’s where the magic happens. This episode will give you the easiest way through that I’ve found so far.

[0:00] How do you get through the dark night? (any transformation)

[2:04] The purpose of darkness

[5:15] My journey into the dark

[7:12] Acceptance is not enough

[8:00] Breaking point

[9:44] What to do to get through 

[11:01] Narcissist’s and Empaths – my theory

[12:08] The tool for coming home to yourself

[14:25] What I did to get Home

[16:26] At the edge of darkness & into the depths

[20:17] Conjuring (manifesting)

[21:31] Recap

[22:30] Let’s try it now

[25:43] Next week: attachment styles with Juniper Wong

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