Fulfill Your Needs, Enjoy Your Desires

Too often we try to fulfill genuine needs with desires. When all needs are met, you no longer reach or grasp for desires, instead, you enjoy them.

Listen to learn how to fulfill your needs so you can choose how to enjoy your desires!

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[1:16] A mother’s lesson – need vs want – and how it’s relevant today

  • Need: essential
  • Want: lacking something you think would fulfill you in some way (Episode 28 www.boundlessheartpod.com/28) 
  • Both needs and wants are subjective

[2:48] Cake example. 
Episodes referenced:

[5:10] Desire is there for your pleasure

[5:55] How to get Home within yourself

  • art
  • nature
  • friends
  • sex
  • self-pleasure
  • food
  • exercise
  • letting someone else do the chores
  • letting someone do something for you
  • rest
  • stopping self-judgment (episode 25 again: www.boundlessheartpod.com/25)
  • music
  • dancing
  • so many more things!!!

[8:19] Being in pleasure puts you in your body, and when you’re in your body, you can tell where your needs are being met and where they’re not – and from Home you can choose how t to fulfill your needs

[9:50] Everything is energy. “It’s not the person you want, it’s the way you feel when you’re with them.”

[10:35] Prioritize desires as points of pleasure. Speaking desires without charge is freedom.

[12:12] My desire for you: to be free.

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