Evolved Love: Relating After Awakening with Olivera Milojkovic

Many people think “Awakening” is a once in a lifetime phenomenon that changes your life completely in an instant. 

Olivera Milojkovic is someone who found her way home. In this episode, she sheds light on what “instant awakening” really looks like through her own experience of it, as well as how we can relate to those in our lives after our awareness has expanded–whether little by little, or all at once as in her case.

When we start coming home to ourselves, relationships become very different and sometimes challenging to navigate. Olivera sheds light on relating consciously, including with children through divorce or any other difficult situation.

[0:00] Welcome
[1:03] Olivera’s Waking Up Incident
[2:17] What is “Attraction”
[6:31] What changed after Awakening?
[9:59} What IS Awakening or Enlightenment?
[14:02] Leaving her daughter
[18:04] Relating after Awakening & Evolved Love
[25:42] Life without anxiety

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[28:41] Marni’s question: How did you rise?
[32:25] Brigitte’s question: Who were your mentors/influencers?
[33:54] Cynthia’s question: What do you live in devotion to?
[35:59] Lali’s question: How do you engage in war using compassion and love?
[37:36] Amanda’s question: What did you do when you felt like giving up?

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Connect with Olivera:
Facebook: https://facebook.com/olivera.milojkovic.1 
Instagram: https://instagram.com/olivera11star

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