Everything Is Right, Right Now, and It’s Getting Better

How do you know what to do? Even when you’re uncomfortable, it is best to check in with your soul before moving. . . 

This is why we’re alive. I accidentally wrote “alove” – however that is fitting. 

I share my process of ease + discomfort and checking in to feel what is right, right now.

[0:00] When you’re true to yourself, you set yourself and others free

[1:46] Your legacy is how you make people feel (Rune message from Club LC!)

[3:46] Hafiz quotes around the concept that everything is good and right, right now, and it’s getting better

[4:34] On Polarity, Needs, Desires, and Inner Knowing & Trust

[6:41] Best Text Ever: “Everything is right the way it is right now. This is why I am alive.”

[9:44] “Why We’re Alive” by LC (song)

[13:27] Thank you – Let’s conect more deeply: Join Club LC or contact me at https://LauraChristine.us. Let love be your legacy – for love is all there is.

In Love & Liberation,


Be Free with Me

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