Ease and… Discomfort? The Reality of Freedom

Deep transformation requires integration of opposites. I am both Homeless and very much Home. Uprooting from Oahu left me physically uncomfortable, while landing at my friends’ healing “hale” (home) in California as a guest gave me a sense of love and ease.

Change is scary and uncomfortable even when we know it’s positive change. This is a reality of freedom. Learning to have ease and discomfort at the same time is essential on the journey to freedom.

[0:00] Paradoxes – Homeless & Home. Easy & Uncomfortable. Journal 2. 

[2:05] I followed my Soul to Northern California

[3:12] Homeless & Home

[5:24] Ease & Discomfort

[8:22] Absolutely Clear by Hafiz (poem)

[9:07] Surrendering loneliness, you miss You

[10:48] “Absolutely Clear” by LC (song)

[15:05] Let’s Stay Connected – join Club LC and be my VIP and/or contact me at https://LauraChristine.us. You can learn about coaching there, too. Let me know where you are on your journey, what questions you have, whether or not you’ve ever been homeless, and if you have a hard time finding ease in discomfort, or what you do to make it easier.

In Love & Liberation,

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