Creating Secure Relationships with Juniper Wong

Do you ever wish relationships didn’t have to be so much work? Believe it or not, they don’t. Juniper Wong is here to help us create secure relationships by learning to have a healthy relationship with our own anxiety and fear. This allows us to see relationships for what they truly are, and assess whether or not the relationship is right for us.

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[1:42] 4 Attachment Styles review

[5:32] The power of feminine energy to attract

[6:53] Foundational aspect of becoming secure: heal your relationship with fear and anxiety

[10:59] Why relationship with yourself is MOST important and why women needn’t EVER chase

[14:50] Sings of insecure attachment

[15:34] Solution to anxiety

[20:48] Tip: stop telling stories about what’s happening

[21:51] Sexuality & Flirtation

[25:15] Body Image Shift

[27:00] Reprogramming trauma around safety

[30:50] Brain physiology as it relates to time-space continuum

[38:53] LC’s lessons and challenge for you:where are you receiving/accepting love?

About Juniper Wong

Juniper Wong is a licensed clinical social worker and former high school English teacher who brings an eclectic approach of personal lived experience, creative arts, evidence based mental health practices, practical actionable skills, and humor to her therapy & coaching practices.

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