The Four Attachment Styles with Juniper Wong

You’re going to know more about you after hearing this episode than you ever have before.  💜As promised here is the Inner Circle Link: https://boundlessheartpod.com/innercircle  Can’t wait to see you there! Attachment Theory explains everything about relationships. If you want a healthy relationshiop, you need to know your attachment style and so does your partner….

Authenticity: The Key to Finding Your Purpose with Angela Duckett

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson Angela Duckett, host of Authenticity Over Everything podcast, will blow your mind with her wisdom and practical advice for showing up and staying in your authenticity. She says, “Authenticity isn’t a state of being….

Secrets from Successful Singlehood with Michal Lehman

Inner Circle 💜https://boundlessheartpod.com/innercircle  “Single” is not synonymous with “Lonely.” Michal Lehman is deleting the stigma of singleness by writing about the empowerment and life-affirming happiness one can attain in singlehood. Whether or not you are in a relationship now (and whether or not you want to be in the relationship you’re in), wether or not…

Set, Communicate, & Keep Boundaries with My Therapist, Tena Roethle

Tools for pushback!! If you: have trouble setting boundaries say “Yes” to everything even when you want to say “No” wish you could say “No,” but people push back whenever you try to and make you feel guilty want to avoid or get out of toxic relationships Listen. Tena Roethle is a clinical therapist who…