Authenticity: The Key to Finding Your Purpose with Angela Duckett

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Angela Duckett, host of Authenticity Over Everything podcast, will blow your mind with her wisdom and practical advice for showing up and staying in your authenticity.

She says, “Authenticity isn’t a state of being. It’s a FACT.”

If you’re like the rest of us, authenticity has had vague and pretentious meanings depending on where you’ve been in your life. Angela reveals all here: What authenticity means, how to be it, and how to remain it. We talk boundaries, people pleasing, and getting comfortable with making others uncomfortable. She even reveals authenticity as the key to abundance. 

[0:00] Upholding our personal rights

[1:52] Definition of Authenticity & how we lose it

[7:02] How do we be authentic?

[11:20] Difficulty with those who already know us

[14:02] Inauthenticity in Spirituality

[17:26] Patriarchy – Who runs the world? (GIRLS!)

[20:31] Becoming aware of our inauthenticity & becoming authentic

[23:31] Working up to authenticity (small steps)

[24:32] Prerequisite to abundance

[25:27] What about Romantic Relationships?

[26:33] Steps/Phases to becoming authentic

[29:27] The power of authenticity & finding your purpose

[34:00] Greates Challenges & Rewards to reawakening authenticity

[40:22] Angela’s podcast & store, and TBH community definitions from: Beth Jacobson, Joan Kellner, Bridgitte Weber, Nicole Vicks, Elizabeth Kelly Erickson, & Amanda Rohner

[44:29] Bonus for the Inner Circle!! (Join us HERE) – we talk about our 4 marriages between the 2 of us, and ROBIN CLARK is coming on next week!!!

About My Guest

Angela’s creative expression can be found in blog as well as her podcast, Authenticity Over Everything.  A trailblazer who never shies away from a new creative adventure, Angela is sure to entertain, encourage, and educate for years to come.

During one of those marriages I mentioned above, she journeyed to Hollywood where her corporate career in data management got its start on the Paramount Studios lot. Today she holds the title of Director of Data Quality Assurance with a large healthcare provider.  

Over her artistic career, she has worked as an actor, director, writer, and producer which includes several years at the helm of her own production company, Strong Mountain Productions.  She is an award-winning writer for her short scripts and her work has twice been solicited for the NAACP theater festival

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