• Coaching with LC

  • Purpose & Intended Outcome of Coaching with LC:

    To reclaim your life and autonomy, to come HOME to yourself, regain your vitality, feel alive again, and confidently express your truth.

    My goal for you is to get what you want and live an unapologetic life.

    We will find your freedom and you will have it! You will be treated with the respect and dignity you deserve not only by LC, but also by those around you and yourself.

    Coaching with LC is for you if:

    • You’re grasping toward the future hoping things will change so you can feel a sense of stability and security
    • You feel like you never have enough time
    • Your relationships feel like work
    • You have been heart-broken (by a person or circumstances) and want to find joy in life again

    And You’re Ready to:

    • Feel alive and vital again
    • Stand confidently in your own stability and security
    • Set boundaries and be respected by others
    • Organize your life around what’s most important to you
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  • *Terms

    What you can expect from LC:

    • Full attention during your coaching sessions
    • Deep perception as you communicate – LC will hear beyond your words and reflect the energetics, or deeper meaning, of what you say, creating a lasting shift in mindset and awareness
    • Intuitive guidance – to guide you to your OWN knowing
    • Ample notice if any sessions need to change. LC knows how to have fun, and sometimes that means traveling or going on a quick day trip when she knows her pleasure needs a reboot. While this is rare, it can happen, and she’ll give you as much notice as possible.

    What LC can expect from you:

    • Honesty – allow yourself to speak. LC has been there, and she understands how difficult it is to express ourselves sometimes. Do your best. The more you say, the freer you will become.
    • Arriving to your sessions on time and with a clear outcome in mind (even if that outcome is simply, "Clarity.")
    • Using the interim support via messenger or Voxer – with reason. Please remember that LC is a human and will be eating, sleeping, singing, chilling with friends, etc. . . but she will respond to you when she is able. In fact, it will bring her much pleasure to! Patience may be necessary at times. She’s not ignoring you — she just might not have her phone.
    • Using the support LC’s VIP Lounge – 2x/month 1:1 access + private group chat
    • Self-Autonomy: no coach is going to tell you what to do and make you do it. However, LC will give you suggestions and encourage you throughout your coaching month(s). You will definitely transform if you CLAIM, COMMAND, and ACT IN CONGRUENCE with your desires.
    • The coaching fee paid up front or on an agreed-upon payment plan.
  • How Coaching with LC Works

    You will have weekly 1:1 coaching sessions with LC on Zoom, 50 minutes each.

    You will be welcomed into LC’s VIP Lounge for the duration of your coaching time for no additional charge. Please take advantage of the group experience!

    You will have access to LC for additional accountability and support throughout your coaching month via FB Messenger or Voxer.

    Our Focus


    From a foundation of CLARITY, you will:

    CLAIM what you want. When you CLAIM what you want, you are offering to the Universe the vibration of self-worth. You will feel better when you own your desires and realize that it is more than okay to have those desires! Any doubts will be washed away.

    COMMAND your desires to manifest. We are going to use your voice to speak your desire into being. There are many ways to do this, and our top priority is that this is fun and pleasurable for you.

    What do you need to say? In what ways can you COMMAND what you CLAIM to come to you? What fears are in the way? We will override and overwrite them!

    CONGRUENCY is where the magic happens. This is your actions, your habits, and the way you express yourself in your day to day reality. Now that you’ve said the words and COMMANDED your realm, do your actions match? A COMMAND without CONGRUENT action is empty. No worries, we’ll make sure your actions match your words!

    Tools at our beck and call:

    Subconscious reprogramming
    The power of clear, open, and non-judgemental conversation
    Kundalini Yoga
    Work influenced by Mama Gena (Regena Thomashauer)

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