🧘‍♀️Pussy Yoga Meditation with Coco Berlin – from Episode 11

Here is the meditation by Coco Berlin that I took out of her episode (#11) because I didn’t want to ask you to stop driving, feeding your child, cleaning, or exercising in order to do it – and this way it easy to access to use anytime!

This meditation is nothing sexual – it simply puts you in conscious awareness of the anatomy of your pelvic floor and grounds you.

I have been meditating on my pelvic floor since she led me though this and I cannot tell you how much more clear, centered, grounded, and confident I am.

Enjoy!! We’ll do some exercises at our next Inner Circle gathering! (Don’t worry we’ll keep it PG). Wanna join us? It’s for you any of the following sound like you:

  • You’re a woman and you believe all genders are equally valid and valuable, and you don’t think the world should be set up to benefit just the one and mostly just the white segment of said one.
  • You’ve shrunk, stayed quiet, stayed small, given up on your own dreams… and you want to find you again.
  • You really like this podcast and you hope it continues to shine light on this important subject matter of deconditioning women from the patriarchy and giving them tools to rise into their full expression and empowerment.
  • Join us here: https://boundlessheartpod.com/innercircle 

Want more from Coco? You can sign up for a 5 minute sensual dance video at her website and learn all about her and her work! https://coco-berlin.com 



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