“Why wait for tomorrow when right now we can be free?” -LC

My name is Laura Christine and I believe in the Wayshowers’ power to live in the Light of their Conscience and lead the way. We’re the truth seekers, healers, change-makers, and thought leaders who came to Earth to change it, even though others close to us might not get it yet. You’re one of us if love, acceptance and compassion are at the top of your prioritiy list, and you just don’t understand how people can be so cruel. You might be yearning for the world to wake the hell up and realize that Love actually¬†is the answer. You teach, you lead, you love.

You are home here, and I want you to feel it! That’s why I created a club for us Wayshowers. Whether you’re just getting your feet wet with energy, meditation, and spiritual practices or you dive deeply and frequently into the realms of your consciousness, there’s a place for you here.

This is a place for you to receive. It’s a place to explore the depths of your consciousness, clear out, and fill up with more light. It’s a place to receive consistent energy work to keep your systems at optimal function so you can share more of You with the world. The alchemical practices of Reiki, Mantra, Meditation, Mastermind sessions, Kundalini Yoga and just plain humorous wisdom make up the tools and healings I share with you to keep you strong in your center, clear your path and light it with your heart, so you are free from the doubts and questions we’ve all let hold us back.

You came here to be You. You came here to show others the way to be who they really are too. Thank you so, so much.

Let’s talk–you don’t have to join, but you can, and either way I bet we’ll both be inspired.¬†SCHEDULE HERE

IG: @lightofconscience
FB: @music.laurachristine

“I distinctly recall feeling the energy. I can only describe it as a rush from drinking a cup of coffee. A positive, ready to get sh** done feeling.”

“When I channel gratitude and appreciation, I feel it even more. My spiritual guides and angelic beings brought to me the gift of LC. This time, every thought, remembrance, reflection upon gratitude is multiplied in magnitude.”

-Brittney H, Honolulu, HI

“I love your work. You’re amazing.”

-Erin T, Houston, TX

“Thanks for being an inspiration. You’re doing great, crucial work! The chant/song from your video came up in my mind several times today at much needed moments. Its impact continues!”

-Amy, Minneapolis, MN

Wow! That was so amazing. Thank you! I loved it. Seriously, I am feeling better already. I also became even clearer on things that were a little fuzzy. Thank you again. 

-Michel, Honolulu, HI

A huge thank you for your energy and the love and happiness that I feel every time I see you. You are such a wonderful soul!

David, Honolulu, HI