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My Story

You might be a lot like me. We don’t match up very well with the rest of society, though historically I’ve done a fabulous job of “fitting in.” I did all the things! Graduated high school, got married, got a college degree, got a normal 8-5 job, bought a house, bought a nice car… was thoroughly unhappy.

But there is a series of serendipitous events happening. It’s continuously beautiful:

  • My then-husband got me a Kundalini Yoga DVD (while I was still in college), so when I took my Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at age 26, I chose that style to study for the month and present the next weekend of training.
  • I met Kelli at a gathering of yogis after my studies. She said she works with angels.
  • I checked out right behind her at our local food co-op one day. I said, “Hey, you work with angels, right?” She said it was part of what she did. I said, “I think I need a reading.”
  • During my reading she said, “You know you’re a healer, right?” and “Yoga is good, but [your guides] are saying you should specialize in Kundalini Yoga.”
  • I got a couple books. OMG! where had Kundalini Yoga been all my life?! I did a teacher training in that.
  • I was also trained in Reiki. I don’t know how I even first found out about Reiki–maybe it was from another lifetime?
  • Kundalini Yoga classes end with a song. I picked up a guitar in high school and it helped me through depression, but I had set it aside. I could play that song though, so I did. And the mantras. I love mantra.
  • The year after training I went to the Kundalini Yoga Summer Solstice Sadhana Celebration. I also got divorced at that same time. I told my lead teacher trainer that I was moving to Ashland, Oregon. (Which I did that fall with no job or plan or friends nearby). He said, I have a contact for you.
  • I moved to Ashland. I taught yoga, did some Reiki, got poor, jumped around house-sitting and dog-sitting, gave all my oil painting supplies away, and I said, “Okay Universe, what’s the next phase in my creative expression?” And I started to write songs.
  • I connected with Susannah. She needed yard work. For that, she taught me to sing.
  • I met musicians, I started busking at the market and playing out a little, and at yoga classes, and at the 2nd annual Shine a Light event.
  • I visited Hawaii because, why not? Apparently, when I was there my sister told my mom I would move there. She was right.
  • But I didn’t move to Hawaii Island. I got my plane ticket for Oahu, to see the huge North Shore waves in the winter.
  • I’m still here since the day after Thanksgiving in 2014. No plan, no home, no job, no friends. Just me.
  • I went to a market, where a guy told me I need to go to a party coming up.
  • I crashed Kiana Luna‘s birthday party alone (he wasn’t even there).
  • I met someone else who was having a party that weekend and I doubted I’d make it but something told me I needed to go.
  • I met my now husband there, 9 days after I arrived on the island. Nine.

Then things slowed down. And I went to my cave. And I spent a few years just doing stuff. Working, living, loving. And then I had to do something else. I started stepping out of my cave. And then a man lit a fire at our home and we woke up to it blazing and now we are in a new home. And I’m still coming out of my cave. And I’m meeting “my people,” and the best part is, they’re “your people,” too. I’m teaching, I’m singing, I’m healing, I made a business out of my passion and a community out of my business and it’s benefitting the planet, and I’m still doing all the things! And I’m here, and I’m me.

And I’d love to show you the techniques that give you, YOU. Let’s change this world!

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