We're all on a journey. Follow mine, find yours.

This is our Epic BEcoming.

Trust your Insticts

Journal with Me

Learn from Soul Family

You were not brought into this world to be insignificant. You have Power and you have Purpose. The journey of discovery, of becoming who and what you're here to be, is Epic, wherever you are and whenever you start.

Maybe today is not the day you cut all ties and leave everything behind. Maybe you can't sell everything and move to Hawaii tomorrow. Any reason to, or not to, is valid.

I divorced, moved to a site unseen across the country by myself and started over. Three years later I let go of almost everything I owned, took a backback and guitar, and flew to another site unseen. No plan, no job, no partner, no home, no friends. Just my journey of  Epic BEcoming.

You can start, right where you are today, to feel the freedom and joy that comes from knowing that you matter and that your own life is the most important thing in your life. Today, let's be Epic.